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You’re a Retailer if you want to:
  • Purchase Mirica products at
    wholesale prices
  • Stock inventory at your location
  • Set your own sale prices (with the
    MAP policy)
  • Handle all taxes, returns and
    customer service

Becoming a Retailer is perfect for
health professionals, medical doctors,
private practices, massage therapists,
chiropractors, naturopaths, health food
stores and other retail outlets.


You’re an Affiliate if you want to:
  • Earn income on referral sales of Mirica
    with your own URL to our website
  • Let Young Nutraceuticals stock the
    inventory at our locations
  • Let Young Nutraceuticals handle all
    taxes, returns, and customer service

Becoming a Retailer is perfect for
social media influencers and health
professionals with virtual (online)
practices and storefronts.


You’d want a
Custom Coupon if you:
  • Aren’t looking for Mirica to be a
    revenue stream
  • Wish to offer your patients Mirica
    products at discounted prices
  • NOTE: Sales made with custom
    coupon codes do not quality for
    Affiliate referral sales commissions

Custom Coupons are perfect for health
professionals who do not want to stock
inventory, and aren’t looking for Mirica
to create a revenue stream.

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