Inflammation is absolutely necessary for survival. Inflammation is our body’s response to invaders or injuries. It’s the sunburn after a long day at the beach. It’s the fever and aches that occur when your body is fighting off a virus. It’s the pain and swelling after twisting an ankle. All of these responses are examples of inflammation that promote healing and that protect the body from further harm. Yet for many people the inflammatory response becomes chronic and instead of protecting and healing the body, inflammation begins to wreak havoc.

This is where our Hero comes in: Palmitoylethanolamide, otherwise known as, PEA. Our body produces PEA to protect and repair tissues and minimize pain.* PEA is found in nearly all animal tissues, human breast milk, and many foods. Since its discovery in 1957, PEA has been studied extensively for its anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and analgesic properties.* The reason PEA provides such amazing benefits is because it targets inflammation at its source: the mast cells and glial cells.*

IMast cells and glial cells are the first line of defense from threats from the outside world. Mast cells are located throughout the body and are concentrated in areas that come in contact with the outside world, like skin, lungs, and the gut. Glial cells are part of the nervous system. They protect and defend the nervous system, including the brain, from injury and infection.

When mast cells and glial cells are over responsive, inflammation and tissue damage can begin to occur. PEA acts as a sort of regulator and helps to keep these cells in check.*

Because PEA plays a key role in reducing inflammation and maintaining homeostasis the effects of supplementing with PEA are wide reaching:

So if you need a boost to your overall health and wellbeing, PEA may be the miracle you’re looking for.*